Birth and Childhood

Sr.Rani Maria was born on 29 January 1954 as the second child of Paily and Eliswa of Vattalil, in an ordinary peasant family. Read More

Native Place

Kerala is a small state, a fairly narrow strip of land, 38, 863 sq. km. in area in southwest India, washed by the Arabian Sea in the west and protected in the east by a range of high mountains. Read More

Religious Vocation

During the final year of her school, studies P. V. Mary felt the call of the Lord to embrace the consecrated life .She shared her inner promptings with her cousin Cicily (Sr.Soni Maria FCC) who too had the same desire. The frequent visit to the nearby convent and acquaintance with the FCC nuns enabled them to make a decision to enter the Franciscan Clarist Congregation. Read More

Missionary Life

India is a land of diversities of religions, languages, and cultures. It is the cradle of different religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. The vast majority of population are Hindus 81.66%; then come the Muslims 12.5%, Christians 2.18%, Sikhs 2.01%, Buddhists 0.85%, Jains 0.34%, and others 0.44%. Read More

Death of Sr. Rani Maria

As usual on 25th February 1995 Sr.Rani Maria rose early in the morning.  She had to take the first bus to Indore and from there go to the Provincial House, Bhopal and then proceed down to Kerala. Read More

Proclamation of the Gospel

“Your Word is a lamp to guide me and a light for my path (psalm 119:105). Rani Maria had written this Bible verse in bold letters on her wardrobe in her room.  She was indeed guided and led by the Word of God. Read More

Reputation of Martyrdom and Reputation of Intercessory Power

At her death the Bishop of Indore, Rt. Rev. Dr. George Anathil wrote: “Sr.Rani Maria died as a martyr shedding her blood for the emancipation of women and for the uplift of the poor and oppressed and exploited people. Read More

Act of Forgiveness

“Lord, do not hold this sin against them.”(Acts 7:60). This prayer of the Proto martyr St. Stephen has been inscribed on the monument built at the spot where she was murdered.  It expresses her forgiving love. Read More