Proclamation of the Gospel

“Your Word is a lamp to guide me and a light for my path (psalm 119:105). Rani Maria had written this Bible verse in bold letters on her wardrobe in her room.  She was indeed guided and led by the Word of God.  She would call together her collaborators in the Chapel and read out a passage from the Bible and pray before they went out on their mission of service village. Before she began her activities in the villages she would sing a bhajan [devotional song] and read a Gospel passage, which would be followed by a prayer based on it. Keen on proclaiming the Gospel, she was sad on certain days when she returned after house visits.  On being asked for the reason, she would answer that she could not give the message of Jesus to anyone that day. In a sense Rani Maria is a more powerful evangelizer after her death than during her life. Sr. Marianna, the superior General of FCC (1997-2003) comments:
“Sr. Rani Maria had a special enthusiasm to call on the name of Jesus and pray among the people of other faith. She encouraged all to proclaim the name of Jesus courageously everywhere. At the same time, she was tolerant of the people of other religions. Most of her collaborators, friends, and beneficiaries were Non-Christians. Even when she spoke zealously about Christ, she kept a harmonious relationship with the people of other religion. In their turn they showed respect and love towards her. As she was an evangelizer in her life she continues the proclamation even after death in many ways.