Reputation of Martyrdom and Reputation of Intercessory Power

At her death the Bishop of Indore, Rt. Rev. Dr. George Anathil wrote: “Sr.Rani Maria died as a martyr shedding her blood for the emancipation of women and for the uplift of the poor and oppressed and exploited people. She will remain immortal in the hearts of thousands of poor people of the area. Her tomb in Udainagar will be a sign and symbol of love, dedicated service and sacrifice.” These prophetic words of Bishop have come true. People come in ever growing numbers to her tomb, especially during the anniversary celebrations, which have captured the mass media as well.
Soon after her death, Mr. Kanthilal Bhuria-the minister for tribals of the State Madhya Pradesh, visited her tomb and expressed solidarity and promised to build a bridge over Loheri River in her honour.  Since Rani Maria laid her life for the tribals they consider her as one of their family member.  Every year they pay their tribute to her at her tomb on her death anniversary.
Numerous are the favours reported as obtained through the intercession of Sr. Rani Maria are reported. Many received favours by participating in the funeral procession itself. By keeping her photo the poor tribals of Udainagar used to ask her intercession in their needs.
Already there is considerable literature about Rani Maria.  As a tribute on 30th day of her death the first pamphlet entitled "A Martyr for Human Dignity” published by the Voluntary Health Association of the State of Madhya Pradesh. Since then eleven books have been published, including translations, by different individuals and associations.  Her biography has appeared also in foreign languages, including Italian.
In October 1995, she was awarded the Fr.Tong Memorial Award by the Voluntary Health Association of India.
Many institutions already bear her name: Rani Nivas Convent, Semly; Rani Mariashram, Mirjapur; Rani Sadan, Faridabad (a center for physically handicapped girls), Rani Maria Vidyalaya, Udainagar; Rani Maria Museum, Pulluvazhy; Rani Maria Computer Center, Pulluvazhy. Among these institutions special mention may be made of Rani Mariashram, which is situated near to her tomb and marks the fulfilment of her desire to have a prayer house in the village.