So they Say....

“... evil hate against those who spread Goodness and serve Christ.  With him we will have to say: "God forgive them, they do not know what they are doing”. …Perhaps we may deem Sr. Rani Maria a real martyr: thus though we still do pray for her, we may privately ... ask her for intercession at the Throne of God.

George Zur, Apostolic Pro-nuncio, New Delhi, 13-4-1995


“Some of the Bishops from the North made the synodal Fathers know of the circumstance, of the gruesome murder.  We understand that Sr. Rani Maria was a good sister who had dedicated herself for the cause of the poor and the downtrodden.  Hope and pray God would reward her in heaven for the yeoman service she did render to the least brethren of Jesus”.

Abraham Kattumana, President of the Synod of Bishop of Syro-Ma1abar Church, 10-3- 1995


“...she has been blessed by the Lord with the special gift of martyrdom; a martyrdom that will be a great source of inspiration and power for all of us to continue to dedicate our lives fully and zealously to the cause of the poor and the oppressed. Her name will never pass into oblivion; whatever she has done for the spread of the Gospel of the Lord will never sink into insignificance.  She will remain immortal in the hearts of thousands of people of this country”.

Cardinal Antony Padiyara, Archbishop of Ernakulam, 21-3-1995

“The sole aim of the life of Sr.Rani Maria was to serve the poor people with a heart filled with love of God. For this, she was ready to sacrifice even her life”.

Cardinal  Varkey Vithayathil,Major Archbishop, 2-7-2000



“... remain immortal in the hearts of thousands of the poor and her tomb will be a sign and symbol of love dedicated service and sacrifice ... will become a place of pilgrimage and she will obtain many blessings for all the people”.

George Anathil, Bishop of Indore, 01-03-1995


“ We shall praise God with thanks for giving us an extra-ordinarily courageous woman who came forward to empty herself for the poor and the afflicted. Let the heroic life of Sr.Rani maria inspire all of us.

Gratian Mundadan, Bishop of Bijnor, 12-05-1995


“I have a number of times discussed with her the work that was being done in the villages.  It was the love of Christ that brought her to the Missions.  She wanted others also to know Christ, to love Him and to share His blessings”.

Abraham Mattam, Bishop of Satna, 10-3-1995


“Christian community rightly feels proud of the Christ like life and death of Sr. Rani Maria.  She will inspire us to be authentic followers of Jesus in our own lives and will pray for us from heaven”.                                     

Pascal Topno SJ,  Archbishop of Bhopal, 1995


“Sr. Rani Maria paid the highest cost, which is bound to bear fruit in uniting the poor to fight against injustice”.

Valerian D’Souza, Bishop of Pune, 14-3-1995


“An inspiring missionary in her life, Sr. Rani Maria has in her martyrdom become the hero of the Church in India, a beacon light for the hundreds of missionaries.”

Gregory Karotempel CMI,   Bishop of  Rajkot, 4-4-1995


Sr. Rani Maria courted martyrdom in her earnest desire to work for the poor of Christ, is a matter of edification to your Congregation as well as to all Catholics of India. Surely her martyrdom will not go in vain but will produce rich harvest in the conversion of the people in the area including Jeevansingh and in the strengthening of the faith of the Christians”.

Peter M. Chenaparambil, Bishop of Alleppey,   17-3-1995


“Sr. Rani deserves our praise because she persevered in her efforts to follow the poor humble, crucified Jesus till the last breath. Like Jesus, she spent long hours in front of God, to get strength to do good in a world that is filled with evil”.

Mother Henry Suso, Superior General, 9-03-1995

“I am proud to offer the homage to my councilor (Sr. Rani Maria) who proclaimed the poor, humble and crucified Christ throughout her life. She raised her voice for the poor…….She spent her whole life for the proclamation of Good News to the poor”.

Sr.Starly FCC ,Provincial Superior, Amala Province, Bhopal, 1995


“The Indore Rani’s love for the poor and heroic sacrifice of her precious life is a source of inspiration and courage for us ....  Rani’s      efficacious intercession ..., keep up the wonderful growth of the Kingdom of God, in India”. 

Fr. Ignatius OFM, Cap, 7-3-1995



Here there is a clear case of being persecuted for the Kingdom.  Hence I       have no hesitation to consider Sr. Rani as a true martyr in every sense of the term.  May Rani inspire and guide all of us in the path of justice and truth ...”    

Fr. Iswar Prasad,  Provincial of IMS, 15-03-1995

 “I have worked with that devoted soul in the local leper home for quite a long time.  It is definitely a terrible social loss”.   

Mr. O.P. Gupta; HOD of Statistics-Vardhaman College, Bijnor. 23-3-1995


“I have been wondering whether Jesus has not shown extra-ordinary love for Sr. Rani Maria by bestowing martyrdom on her on account of her special work for the poor in defiance of threats, opposition and enmity of vested Interests involved in suppressing the poor”.

Mr. Bhagawat Singh Dalavari, Tapovan     -  Amravati, 6-3-1995

“Sr. Rani Maria’s goal was to transform the shattered and broken people into the ‹‹image of God››.  Her love and compassion found outlet in every conceivable way in social action and community services”.

Mr. Raj Bhujbal, the ex-secretary of Madhya Pradesh Voluntary Health Association, Sr. Rani Maria: A Martyr for Human Dignity, p. 4.

She was able to withstand the outslaughts of the rich on account of her faith in Christ and the spirit she imbibed during the course of her formation in the Franciscan Clarist Congregation.

Prof. K.S.Mathew ,Director ,IRISH